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Walker's Station is a modern automat inspired by the

19th-century automat restaurant. The new digital format allows their customers to have access to fresh on-the-go food while traveling through the Toronto Underground PATH.

Deliverables: Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Web Design, Packaging, Campaign Design


Walker’s Station is a modern-day automat inspired by the 19th-century restaurant style that provided convenience for fast foodies of the time. This new and improved automat will house 24 cooling/heating stations that serve delicious nutritious food for walkers on the go. The unique selling point for Walker’s Station is that it provides convenience to consumers by allowing them to order their meals while they are on the go and pick them up instantly at the location through their assigned station.


The initial steps of this process were to create a business plan proposal for the company and gain an understanding of the goals, brand vision, and brand vision for Walker's Station. Next, the design company presents background research on the automat industry, as well as some design inspiration for the company. The final design was expanded into brand guidelines, print promotional material, packaging solutions, and an online presence with a website and mobile application. 

This project was a great test for me to work with a client and follow a professional business plan to stay organized. The final deliverables below are a culminating of my expertise in print and digital materials created for a restaurant brand. 

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