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chEquity is a fictional racial awareness mobile application that would be available to everyone and anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of racial equality in a judgement free zone.

Deliverables: User Research, User Testing, Brand Identity, UX Design, UI Design

The app created for this project is to provide racial awareness and improving racial bias. The name for this app is chEquity which is a combination of ‘check’ and ‘equity’. By checking personal equity, it allows one to rethink their thoughts and reflect on how they could approach certain situations differently. This is a daily reminder app that the user can personalize their reminders and rate them on how useful the information was. chEquity offers different categories of information including articles, movie recommendations, podcasts and more. This reinforces the user to get excited about their daily reminders.

Artboard 82.png
Artboard 8 copy2.png

The goal of this project was to incorporate dark UX/UI patterns to understand how users get 'hooked' on the app.  A few patterns that are used in this application are pop-up ads, notifications, disguised buttons, and subscription options. These dark patterns encourage users to keep scrolling and tapping, but it also helps them learn more about different culture's beliefs, values, and celebrations.  

This type of app speaks to a sensitive topic that is not represented in many other apps. chEquity was created with a modern design to connect with an audience of all ages, in order to educate individuals about how racism is still apparent in our day-to-day lives, and how we can make a change.


The turquoise and violet gradient alludes to ambition and clarity. These are important values to chEquity because ambition is desired when an individual wants to learn or achieve a goal. When learning about a new topic like anti-racism, clarity is good to have because it is the ability to see and understand new ideas or information.

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