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The Bachelor of Design 2020 Grad Show was an event to celebrate the graduates and their accomplishments during the program. The graduating class came up with the theme of 'iridescence' to represent their class and progress throughout their education.

Deliverables: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Campaign Design

In the process of coming up with a theme fourth-year grad exhibition, the graduating class came up with the theme ‘iridescence’. The branding for this exhibition was represented through a three-part series of colourful logos, customized typography, and a beautiful iridescent texture. The branding for this exhibition consists of posters, a catalog, personal name tags, and social media content. The iridescence design for this year’s show reflected on the graduate’s past years in the program and represented their evolution as designers.


The final solution comes together with a three-part series to represent the individuality of the graduating class. The shimmering ribbon, customized typography, and polaroid framing complete a structured, but the mesmerizing design that was to be presented at the 2020 grad show.

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